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Tomboy: Review (May well include spoilers… look away now if you don’t wish to be spoiled!

Limited theatrical release (playing at the DCA, Dundee, Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds and Corner House Manchester until the 29th September) but released on DVD and Blueray in February 2012, currently listed on Amazon.co.uk at £10.93 and £12.93 respectively. Peccadillo … Continue reading

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Letter to Ms Flagg

Dear Ms Flagg, I am writing to you because, well, because I think if a person enjoys something or is affected by something that someone else has put a lot of hard work in to creating, then it is nice … Continue reading

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Sprout – Dale Peck Review

An excellent book that I finally decided I wasn’t going to be able to obtain via my library or by trading, so I forked over for it. Worth every penny I have to say and very much re-readable…which is always … Continue reading

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Films/Tv series watched 2010

Since 2007 I have kept a list of the films/tv series that I watch throughout the year, partly out of an interest in tracking the sort of things I am drawn to, partly becasue I actually like making lists and … Continue reading

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Books read in 2010…

Perhaps a little early to have the final list, given that we have just under three weeks left, but I figured I would save myself the majority of typing now and just add to the list at the end of … Continue reading

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GLBT 2011 reading challenge

Rules/Guidelines: The basic idea of this challenge is to read books about GLBT topics and/or by GLBT authors. The challenge runs year-round as usual, but instead of requiring a certain number of books, this year I’m handling this challenge in … Continue reading

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Pourquoi pas moi? (Why not me?) (1999)

(Another one where a trailer eluded me) Amira Casar, Alexandra London, Julie Gayet, Assumpta Serna A delightful and refreshing French film about a group of friends who work at their small science fiction and fantasy publishing company (except Camille’s girlfriend; … Continue reading

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