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Top 10 gay characters in no particular order

Introduction So, why these characters and what makes them stand out against all others (I’m being optimistic about the quantities of gay characters out there)? Basically I ended up basing this list on several things; mostly who is pretty much … Continue reading

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Subtext (in media a with a mention of fiction) part 1

The word ‘subtext’ can convey a multitude of things, wordweb defines it thus’ The underlying meaning or message of a piece of writing or speech For my purposes I’m talking about one specific type of subtext; femslash (lesbian/bisexual or generally queer overtones), … Continue reading

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Femslash (General)

There are entire communities out there, on the internet, dedicated to this very topic, some ‘places’ are designated for a singular show, though potentially multiple pairings, or a single ‘couple’, others cover a broader variety within an overarching theme, whilst … Continue reading

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