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Tomboy: Review (May well include spoilers… look away now if you don’t wish to be spoiled!

Limited theatrical release (playing at the DCA, Dundee, Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds and Corner House Manchester until the 29th September) but released on DVD and Blueray in February 2012, currently listed on at £10.93 and £12.93 respectively. Peccadillo … Continue reading

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Films/Tv series watched 2010

Since 2007 I have kept a list of the films/tv series that I watch throughout the year, partly out of an interest in tracking the sort of things I am drawn to, partly becasue I actually like making lists and … Continue reading

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Top 10 films 2010

Another (and the last) yearly round up of favourites, this time of films. In order of favourites this time around as I found it remarkably easy to do so: Phoebe in Wonderland Despicable Me Up Cracks Black Balloon (Australian) Precious … Continue reading

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Subtext (in media a with a mention of fiction) part 1

The word ‘subtext’ can convey a multitude of things, wordweb defines it thus’ The underlying meaning or message of a piece of writing or speech For my purposes I’m talking about one specific type of subtext; femslash (lesbian/bisexual or generally queer overtones), … Continue reading

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