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I am a nerd for ALL seasons. I am a genderqueer Librarian who unsurprisingly likes reading...a lot But I love being outside too...sometimes even reading at the same time. Also animals, any and all of them. Never yet met one that didn't get on with me and vice versa. I do a couple of different voluntary jobs (animal charity related) and have recently completed my MA.


In an update to a post I made…oh dear 3 years ago… I eventually gave in and read this book. Well, I say read…and I say book. Really the whole premise of her ‘method’ could be summed up on … Continue reading

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10 books to re-read (part 1 – 1-5)

Mostly, whilst agonising over the making of this list (and believe me I did… at least after the first 5 were filled in) I realised that it is mostly series of books that I am looking at wanting to re-read … Continue reading

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Downsizing and my families apparent Marie Kondo obsession

My aunt recently read Kondo’s book about tidying (“The life-changing magic of tidying”), promptly, and in her usually mildly obsessive way, then re-read it, followed the rules, waxed lyrical about it to all and sundry and inundated various charity shops … Continue reading

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Election 2015

I think that this was the most disappointing Election result I have ever witnessed…or voted in. Another 5 years of the Tories led by the Hamhock. I cannot decide whether I am simply surprised that people voluntarily voted him in … Continue reading

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Long time, no entry…

I have not had the need for this type of…expression in quite some time. However, I am looking at new entry topics as of this moment. First up is likely to be Literary Heroines…but not definitely. 🙂 Thinking of a … Continue reading

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I have been nothing but neglectful of this space on the web in the last year (or two). Apologies to those random few who pass through here and to those that for whatever reasons check in to see if I … Continue reading

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Political disgust

Whilst I am never going to be accused of being a Thatcher lover, and as person from an ex-mining town; devastated by her policies and isolated due to the removal of public services such as buses; not to mention her vicious and unparalleled attacks … Continue reading

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