My most excellent year: A Novel of Love, Mary Poppins, and Fenway Park – Steve Kluger

GLBT 2011 challenge book read.

This was a most excellent book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it an engrossing page turner… always a good, if sometimes rare, thing.

It is a story about three friends; Alejandra (Ale), T.C and Augie, told in alternating points of view between the three characters, in the overall guise of an english assignment; “My Most excellent Year”.

The idea is that they are writing about their most excellent year, not that they are necessarily living through it at that moment, as is seen at the end, all three of them are writing retrospectively about the same year.

In this instance I actually really enjoyed the slightly jumpy format of differeing points of view it worked very well and the author seemed quite adept at making the three main characters voices distinctive enough that it was never confusing… it was also very clear when a voice changed, which kept things clear for the audience without detracting from the overall smooth running of the plot.

All three characters were of differing home lives and backgrounds, which whilst PC-ly diverse, not necessarily realistic, though that would naturally depend very much upon where you lived as to whether that was the sort of environment you experienced or not. that is not a gripe, merely an observation, I appreciated the diversity because it felt relatively realsitic and unforced.

Due to the nature of the novel being based around the events of one year, there isn’t exactly a clearly defined ending for the characters, their year, and their assignement come to their natural conclusions. However, there is a sort of ‘flash forward’ part at the end which serves the purpose of updating the reader as to the main events in the three characters lives and where they are going from there. I thought that was a nice touch, tantalising the reader into curiosity about how they had changed but conclusive enough not to leave the reader hanging uncomfortablyin curiosity.

It was gripping page turner and I was constantly wanting to move forward and see how the stories were going to unfold and what conclusions would be drawn by the end of the novel. Because it


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