Massive – Julia Bell (2002)

It seems as though the books I am choosing to read lately are ‘weight issue’ books, this is more of a what struck my interest at the time in the library as opposed to purposfully seeking out books on this theme.

A rather tumultuous book emotionally as a reader. By page 25 I was really angry with the mother. Whilst I understood that she has her own food issues that make her ill, her enforcing of them upon her daughter makes me ill. However, now that I have finished the book it just makes me feel incredibly…sad. Especially for the mother.

A devestatingly sad, but immensley brave and gripping book. To face the topic of a family with different eating disorders: Grandmother is an overeater, Mother anorexic and bulimic, daughter bulimic but able to identify that as a problem and know that it isn’t what she atually wants for herself. Indeed the daughter is the most self aware and aware of those in her family as she identifies both adults issues and worries/fears for them because of it.

Just goes to show you that however much we think we know about something (or somebody) most things are far more complex than we could ever imagine.

An excellent yet emotional read. Whilst I am unsure if I would necessrily re-read this book, I would most certainly seek out other work by this author.



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I am a nerd for ALL seasons. Ravenclaw...natch. I am a genderqueer Librarian who unsurprisingly likes reading...a lot. But I also love being outside too...sometimes even reading at the same time. Also animals, any and all of them. Never yet met one that didn't get on with me and vice versa. I do a couple of different voluntary jobs (animal charity related), I am a Brownie Leader and have recently completed my MA.
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