2010 book meme

A book meme ganked from the blog: Books and Movies:


Best Book of 2010: Clementine – Sara Pennypacker.

Worst Book of 2010: Henrietta the great go getter – Martine Murray.

Most Disappointing Book: Cracks – Sheila Kohler (not because the book was bad, but compared to the film, which I thought was fantastic, it was even slower of pace and rather stifling and uncomfortable at times to read).

Most Surprising (In a Good Way): Skulduggery Pleasant (wasn’t expecting it to be what it turned out to be…if that makes sense. Loved the books though!)

Book You Recommended to Most People: I don’t generally rec books to folk… Probably the Dresden files though… at least from this year. (Normally I am on a bid to recommend Pullman’s Sally Lockhart quartet, Nix’s Old Kingdom Trilogy and Fforde’s Thursday Next series)

Best Series You Discovered: Dresden Files – Jim Butcher.

Favorite New Authors You Discovered: e l konigsburg, Jerry Spinelli, Michael Bond, Primo Levi, Dashiell Hammett, Tess Gerritsen, Sara Pennypacker.

Most Hilarious Read: Paddington at Large – Michael Bond (Truthfully this is slightly more to do with the accompanying pen and ink illustrations – as hilarious as I find the text – the image of Paddington rushing through a fence perfectly horizontally, dragged by a rampaging lawn mower had me in absolute stitches)

Most Thrilling, Unputdownable Book: The View from Saturday – e l konigsburg was certainly the ‘most enjoyable’ in this department, however it might be more honest of me to state that The Ghosts in the Attic – Betty Ren Wright was the most ‘unputdownable’ because this dratted children’s book scared the bejeezus out of me and I knew I had to finish it before I went to sleep… damn dolls, never liked dolls… still don’t like dolls.

Book You Most Anticipated: Ink-stained Amazons – Jennifer K. Stuller

Favorite Cover of a Book Read: Clementine – Sara Pennypacker (at least I think so, I never pay a vast deal of attention to the covers… I think Lirael – Garth Nix might be my favourite cover I have ever come across… of course it might just be the fact that it is such luscious shades of blue that draws it to my attention.)

Most Memorable Character: Paddington

Most Beautifully Written Book: The World Unseen – Shamim Sarif

Book That Had the Greatest Impact on You: Collected Poems: Primo Levi

Book You Can’t Believe You Waited Until 2010 To Read: Paddington (series)


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