Imagine me and You (2005)


Lena Headey, Piper Perabo, Mathew Goode, Celie Imrie, Anthony Head and Sue Johnston.

A lovely and very British romantic comedy with a slight twist; the romantic element is between two women. However in a very British way, no fuss is made over this fact, it just is, almost as if that is merely incidental. First and foremost it is a romantic comedy and it’s about whether love at first sight exists and whether you choose to pursue that which you want if it is going to be at the expense of someone else wants.

The basic premise then; Heck and Rach are getting married and the lovely Luce is their florist who has never even met the happy couple, having only dealt with Rach’s mother “It’s all about the mother”. Luce and Rach meet on the day, in a lovely glance across the church kind of way and later by the punch bowl, when Luce rescues Rach from an embarrassing situation and manages to insult Heck’s rather slimy boss in one fell swoop.

The two keep getting thrown together, ironically instigated predominantly by Heck; a dinner at the newly weds flat, Luce accompanies Rach to a football match; it all seems inevitable; kismet. Though Rach is in denial (but not quite floundering in Egypt, she’s more self aware than that) and Luce is desperately trying not to act on her feelings (yet they continue to meet, despite her best efforts) as she believes quite strongly that you shouldn’t mess with a married couple.

For the friends of the couple; Cooper, Heck’s friend is convinced that he can persuade Luce to shag him, he doesn’t see the fact that she is gay as an obstacle at all, it’s nice to see that they do manage to fumble out some sort of friendship from his delusional insistence.

Edie is Luce’s rather exuberant friend and somewhat of a Casanova with the ladies, who is trying to do everything in her power to get Luce out there to meet someone, this is an odd friendship as they seem like complete polar opposites, but it obviously works very well for them, and you get some nice moments of Luce’s life accompanied by the funny Edie, though she isn’t in it enough and they get an entertaining scene of theirs outside of A&E.

Then there is Ella (Johnston), Luce’s mother, wonderfully dry and acerbic of wit. ‘H’ (Henrietta), Rach’s little sister, who is wonderfully weird, and the epitome of the question mark, she is constantly asking bizarre questions that only someone her age would get away with, and was pretty excellent, especially for a first appearance. She hits it off magnificently with Luce because she is the only one able to answer her question about immovable objects and unstoppable forces.

Heck is a lovely character, and the more you watch the film, the sadder you feel for him for being such a genuinely good guy, who magnanimously sacrifices his idea of happiness so that Rach can be with Luce, anyone who thinks that any jam he makes will; ‘rock your world’ has to be a winner.

Overall the film is wonderfully done, well shot and well acted, with Piper Perabo doing an excellent British accent, if a trifle formal and with some odd idiosyncratic words that aren’t quite English. There is an excellent combination of humour, romance and pathos played throughout. The film is also quite inexplicit, some lovely kissing scenes, but that’s your lot, and this is not necessarily a bad thing at all, this film is definitely of the ‘less is more’ variety.

9/10 for a lovely, romantic piece of non-exploitative lesbian film and excellent uses of Jam references.


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