Dr T and the Women (2000)


Richard Gere, Helen hunt, Farrah Fawcett, Laura Dern, Shelley Long, Tara Reid, Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler.

This is a film about Dr T., a gynaecologist who is essentially surrounded by women (and is a bit of a tosser really). His wife is ‘crazy’, Dern’s character is a talkative alcoholic, he’s having an affair with a patient; his head nurse (Long, in a surprisingly funny role) is in love with him and his eldest daughter is getting married and her girlfriend, that nobody but Reid knows about, is going to be her, reluctant, maid of honour, which I felt was rather insensitive of her, especially given that they are continuing their affair despite the impending nuptials.

The lesbian element is well interspersed within the film, Marilyn (Tyler) is understandably somewhat unhappy about being Hudson’s girlfriend and her maid of honour, she is feeling somewhat pushed out. Hudson’s character is marrying because she doesn’t want to tell her father that she’s seeing Marilyn. They have some reasonable chemistry, though Hudson makes a most unlikely lesbian and it’s a very nice side story, gently developed until the climax at the end. It’s nice that it is not particularly sensationalised, nor is it a major plot point, but it isn’t exploited or played for laugh’s either.

Not an especially interesting or brilliant film, but there are some elements that make it worth sitting through the rest of the film to see them. In fact, any of it that doesn’t include Dr T., unless it is in association with Long’s character are worth watching, sadly this way of viewing cuts out a lot of Helen Hunt times which is usually worth watching.



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