Top 10 rare pairings (and 1 bonus pairing because I couldn’t work out where else to put them)


For the sake of this particular endeavour I should clarify that by ‘Rare Pairings’ I’m talking about those shipped who have a very limited (if any in the case of some) range of fanfiction or fandom in general, at least to the best of my knowledge. I’ve tried to keep it separate from my Pairings list for this purpose.

Some of those included here are actually Canon within the shows they are on, yet still haven’t garnered much fandom attention for example; #’s 2, 4 and 6 are canonical and still there is nothing.

Some are those I ship through my self perceived ‘subtext’; as in I choose to ‘see’ them and/or they have contextual ‘evidence’ that leads me to believe that they are feasible therefore folk may well disagree about them or their likelihood. Fine by me, the list isn’t meant to be full proof or immutable nor is it definitive by any stretch of the imagination, where would the fun in that be?

Incidentally, what I find funny about the canon/subtext scenario is that folk are willing to seek out subtext and then go for broke in the fandom department, yet given an actual canon couple they immediately shy away, I don’t understand? Id it just that I watch such obscure (to an English speaking audience) canon couples that they fly beneath the radar or is it that people actually like complaining about the lack of representation and would rather seek out subtextual couples? Granted I’m a big fan of my subtext goggles and employ them on all occasions, but still, what gives?

Edit: That was my original thought, but when thinking about it, Pepa y Silvia from Los Hombres de Paco have a ridiculously large fan base complete with fanfiction and the lot, so I therefore continue to be confused as to why those two lovely ladies garnered a lot of attention (and I am not saying that it is undeserved) and then some of the others like; Kerstin und Juliette, or Marina and Esther don’t?

Also the links I have included do not represent the entirety of what is available on the internet for the various pairings, well, not that I know of anyway, mostly they are the things I keep coming back to. If anyone has any other links for any of these pairings I would be extremely grateful, feel free to share!

Top 10

  1. Lorelei/Sookie – Gilmore Girls

When I first saw this show it took me a couple of episodes to realise that these two weren’t actually together and raising Rory, a fact I found pretty surprising, certainly in the beginning before Luke got involved for reasons I have yet to fathom. The two seemed to have quite a natural chemistry (and subsequently I realised that because of that they displayed a very strong and believable friendship, which is the second best scenario) which is why I thought the two of them seemed quite suitable for that scenario.

I was actually quite sad to find that they weren’t together, they complimented each other so well, both were different kinds of quirky, yet stabilised each other also, again in different ways and are each others moral and emotional compasses. Also Rory seemed so well balanced and evidently had a great relationship with both of her ‘Moms’ and for the few episodes it took for me to work out the actual nature of their relationship I appreciated the knowledge that this show might be something different, it might show how a socially ‘unconventional’ couple, especially in white middle America, could raise an absolutely normal and well adjusted kid. In a way I think the show missed out on that great opportunity to prove normalcy and acceptance, but then, it was never going to be able to do that, not and be a ‘popular’ teen show anyway. A crying shame.

I ship them even though it turned out that they are both über straight simply because for me they work well together both professionally and in their home lives. If they aren’t together it’s great to see that they have such a strong relationship anyway.

2. Marina/Esther – Terapia d’Urgenza (IT)

Here is an example of a canon couple, yet they hardly seem to have any sort of fandom associated with them at all, something that would flummox me somewhat if it weren’t for the fact that they are from a relatively little known and sadly short lived Italian TV drama; Terapia d’Urgenza, a show whose entire premise is based of the Spanish Hospital central almost directly barring an added cultural bent that is purely Italian rather than Spanish.

As I have been lead to understand it, this show caused quite a stir in conservative Italy for the portrayal of a lesbian relationship and indeed a lesbian character who was viewed in a positive light. They seemed like a realistic couple with their ups and downs and misunderstandings, the reactions garnered from their friends and colleagues differed from acceptance to outright conservatism but no outright hostilities which is a nice change.

They are a great couple, eventually they do take some time to get there, which just makes it all the more realistic especially for Esther who is seemingly straight unlike Marina is outright a lesbian. Marina can be a bit dominant and Esther rather reluctant and reticent in her affections around other people. There are various issues that they undertake to face together though sometimes you wish Marina had a modicum more patience and Esther a little more bravery.

I like that they didn’t have instant perfection, there was a distinct wooing period by Marina, but they work at it and eventually it develops into what they have. I love that they are loyal to each other and funny and that when they are alone it is obvious that Esther relaxes enough so that you know they have a reasonable decent relationship.

It was a pity they only had one season as the show was cancelled and thus ended on an unresolved cliff hangar. Regardless of this it is worth watching and some kind folk have used their spare time to add English subtitles to the clips up on a most welcome endeavor to be sure.

Links for one very long fiction and storyline commentaries and general loveliness and screencaps.

3. Sally/Darrell – Malory Towers (Enid Blyton)

This is one of three pairings that comes from a novel, or rather a series of novels, (though one of the also comes form a film) and a children’s series at that. It should be said that this is not some perverted viewing from an adults point of view of a children’s book, I thought there was something between these two from the first time I read about them (Bill and Clarissa for that matter also) when I was about 9 so maybe that says something else about me instead. Granted initially I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was I thought these two meant to each other, but I knew nonetheless.

Basically it is a very strong friendship starting out from firm animosity before moving into instantaneous bosom buddies, there is a splash of fanfic for these two floating around in the ether of the ‘interwebs’ but it is most certainly few and far between, though I am glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who saw these two as a couple of whatever flavour that might be.

Links fiction a post Malory Towers multi part fiction one shot fiction

4. Kerstin/Juliette – Marienhof (GER)

The second of the three canon couples on this list, yet still without any sort of fandom that I have come across at least, again like Marina/Esther this might be because they are from German soap opera to my knowledge I haven’t come across an especially strong German fandom either, they are evidently popular. Incidentally, when I say Fandom I’m talking about actual fiction and its associated things as opposed to stating that they don’t have any sort of ‘following’, which they certainly seem to have. It’s a shame that they don’t really have much of a fandom as they certainly had a lot of potential.

They are part of a fairly typical soap situation, you have quite a strenuous ‘will they won’t they’ thing going on for a fairly large proportion of the story arc, but unlike the latter portions of the Otalia storyline this one was very well done and seemed to be reflected within some form of reality as opposed to pure soap universe. I mean that they were part of a situation that actual folk may have been part of or witnessed, thus lending it credibility.

They were part of a six month story arc, that certainly didn’t waste any time about it all, everything that happened only progressed the story and took them that bit close to the final outcome. I liked that for a long time you were never quite sure how they were going to end up, though obviously you hoped it would be together and that no-one would die or have something horrifically soapy happen to them. They had incredible chemistry right from the beginning, though it evidently developed as time progressed for them.

It was nice to see a relationship even from the outset had that sort of innate equality between the two characters. That is not to say that they didn’t face things that were difficult or meant that they might not end up together, they were far from perfect, which I suppose just added to the realism of their storyline. Also the characters complimented each other in most things, so where Kerstin was reticent and unsure, Juliette was there to support and encourage her and the same was true vice versa. They were very supportive of each other and obviously respect each other.

They had very realistic development, they started out with some animosity and uncertainty about each other and where they stood with each other, which evolved into it becoming evident that Juliette felt more for Kerstin and eventually approached her and respected her wishes when she initially said that she wasn’t interested until there came a time when it became obvious that Kerstin’s feelings had altered and that she had fallen for Juliette, then it was more a matter of time as Kerstin attempted to reconcile her feelings with her current situation and her perceptions of how those around her might take the news that she was now with a woman.

Overall it was sensitively and realistically portrayed and allowed you to get quite involved with the storyline, and due to the potential of their future and scenes that you didn’t see, it is a shame to see the drought of resulting fanfiction.

Links their storyline if you don’t need the subtitles if you need the subtitles (English) forum recaps and screencaps

5. Ruth/Idgie – Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

By now it is probably blatantly obvious that some things just come up again and again as favourites for whatever reasons but in a variety of contexts, this pairing is obviously one of them. I’ve yet to find anything that I don’t especially like about them, the film or the book so there you go and here they are.

They are obviously and undeniably together, in the romantic sense rather than the ‘jolly good chums’ nonsense. To a modern audience, Idgie reads quite obviously as soft butch gay, but in her own (femme) way Ruth reads just as gay as Idgie does certainly for Idgie at least. From the first time they meet it is kind of inherently obvious that they are meant to eventually be together, you can’t really imagine it being any other way (well, unless you are the director chap of the film, he obviously could).

I have always been extremely flummoxed that people are able to read their relationship as straight, that they just cannot see the possibility of them being a couple. I guess ultimately they are just made for each other and nothing I say here is going to alter that fact. They are one of those duos that a ‘ship manifesto’ just seems like overkill for they are pretty self explanatory.

I love this pairing for many reasons, the simplest being that they are the first one I ever really came across. They complement each other and are each other’s support system and best friend. All of which just add to the realism of their relationship and makes you see it as a natural one rather than a contrived and forced ‘media verse’ one.


6. Shira/Terri – Hasufim (HEB)

This is the third canon couple on this list, they are from an Israeli television show; Hasufim, which ahrvuyrh (youtube username)  has kindly subtitled their storyline into English for those of us who don’t speak Hebrew.

Of the two, Teri (the younger (17 ish) blond, dresser played by a 29 year old apparently) is a smidge hard to buy as gay, but then she is more of a ‘free love’ type anyway, so perhaps that is why, she has few hang ups and seems at peace with her world… generally, intent on experiencing everything she can and wants. Shira (the dark haired news reader, Naama Schendar (27)) is not as hard to read as gay, her realisation that she loved Teri seemed a pretty natural progression for her character, naturally it was a little bit of a surprise but not especially, particularly if you take into account that Teri is one of the few people Shira gets on with and seems to genuinely like and spend time with. Also with the amount of time Shira seems to spend watching her it’s evident that she feels something other than friendship for Teri, even if she doesn’t yet have a name for it herself.

Their relationship or at least their interest in each other is never especially explicit, that that is who they are to each other seems almost incidental in a way, seeing that relationships in general don’t seem to be the main crux of the show. Put it this way, they get about the same amount of airtime and realism as everyone else.

Yet despite Teri’s lack of evident gayness the two of them seem to work well together they take no shit from each other, especially Teri of Shira who as Teri says is ‘a lost girl’ sometimes. From what we get to see of them they seem to balance each other out, temper each others neuroses and draw each other out from underneath their respective histories.

I like that it started out as a friendship probably initially by Teri though Shira didn’t seem overly reluctant to go along with that idea, I think she needed a friend at the very least. Although if you watch how Shira reacts around Teri, especially in contrast to her interactions with everybody else, she can’t keep her eyes off her, in fact in some ways you’d think that their relationship started a lot earlier than it actually seemed to, they seemed like they were together from the very start of this particular storyline, whereas in reality it wasn’t until about half way through or so.

Teri is pretty much the only person apart from Mishmish and Smadje that Shira seems to genuinely like. She opens up to her more, probably because Teri asks nothing of her and doesn’t threaten her in some way as people like Gali continuously do, and her frostiness gradually fades around her. Yet with Teri she is also shy a side affect of her realisation of how she feels about her I suspect, either way their relationship is very well played and realistic in appearance.

Yet despite being canon, again nothing by way of Fanfic… maybe the simple answer is that I should stop watching obscure television via the means of YouTube, but then where would the fun be in that and where would I get my vicarious dykey quota from since US/UK television seems to be emphatically lacking in that department as ever.

Incidentally there is an excellent scene in part 19 on ahrvuyrh’s channel where Teri walks away and Shira is watching her to the background music of some Disney romance number until Aitan claps and draws her out of her staring and thus abruptly cutting off the music, illustrating that the music might well have been in her head. It was so very nicely done and slightly humorous. In fact a lot of the background music in general is well chosen.

Links episode clips with Hebrew and English subtitles (though accessing the English subtitles can be occasionally sporadic) link to pretties (google image search)

7. (Jadzia) Dax/Lenara – DS9

Technically this couple is also sort of canon, however briefly, yet still with the lack of noticeable fandom.

A Trill, Dr Lenara Kahn comes to DS9 to carry out testing on a project about creating artificial wormholes and Jadzia Dax is the Science Officer onboard DS9 so naturally their paths cross. However, the symbionts of both women (Dax and Kahn) were once married to each other when they were with past hosts (Tobias Dax and Nilani Kahn), Tobias died in a shuttle accident leaving Nilani alone. All well and good barring the minor point of the Trill taboo of reassociation as the Trill culture consider it to be unbeneficial to the symbionts and would cause them to stagnate if subsequent hosts carried on the relationships of the previous hosts. Of course that would depend upon whether or not the current hosts also fell for each other I suppose.

Both Kahn and Dax whilst trying to adhere to the laws of Trill find themselves with a continuing attraction to each other and have to decide whether or not they want to act on those feelings. If they choose to do so then the penalty is exile from Trill and no further hosts for the symbionts.

One thing I especially liked about the dilemmas of the storyline wasn’t that they were two women; nobody seemed at all concerned by that fact it was simply about the reassociation taboo, which makes a nice change and explores the ideas of taboo in a way that is familiar enough to be able to relate to without rehashing the old clichés.

Also I found it quite interesting that the characters themselves admitted that they had far more in common than the earlier hosts had had, indicating that it wasn’t just a simple case of past hosts not having finished their relationships but that there was something about the new hosts that was drawing them to each other. It added to the realism and the believability that these two women would come together and quite seriously consider facing exile to be together.

Lenara always struck me as rather gay regardless of her attraction to Jadzia and/or Dax, the idea that the part of Dax she knew, i.e. the symbiont was now within a woman never seemed to give her pause, to that end she reads as gay far more readily than Jadzia does.

Again I find it curious that despite the fact that their relationship/interest was absolutely blatant and therefore canon there is a distinct lack of fandom, Kira and Dax get more action and even that appears to be quite limited in its scope and availability.

I really would have liked to see how this could have continued, though I understand the limits that could have then emerged due to the lack of new hosts for their symbionts. Nonetheless, they had very realistic and interesting chemistry with complimentary personalities that would have meant their relationship surely would not have been predictable or dull, especially given that Dax is somewhat unconventional especially for a Trill.

Links fanlisting just an interesting look at Jadzia Dax

8.  Sabrina/Kelly – Charlie’s Angels

Here is a ‘couple’ that really should be canon, more for amusements sake (given that it was 70/80’s crime fighting show) than anything else, though if you read lysachan’s manifesto over on Passion & Perfection. I think I lot of folk could be quite easily swayed to that way of thinking, it is meticulously viewed and thought out and I urge folk to go and take a gander at it.

These two have amazing and rather suggestive chemistry; if that is the way your audience viewing is wired. They are overtly familiar with each other, especially in comparison to their interactions with any of the other Angels.

I actually don’t have that much to say about these two, specifically because of the lack of fandom, resulting in my less than strenuous shipping of them, purely due to the lack of new input I suppose, though that doesn’t mean that I don’t smile when I do stumble across something about the two of them once in a blue moon.

Links the manifesto fiction list

9. Amy/River – Dr Who

(Icon made by LJ user mammothluv please don’t use or take as your own without her permission)

This is an odd one for me, I might ship them, but I don’t necessarily believe in them per se. I do however perk up when I see new fiction for them, which does sporadically appear, especially those by livejournal user ‘lovepb’ who seems to be their staunchest supporter and does a bang up and somewhat amusing job of keeping it going. Her fiction about them just ‘makes sense’, when she writes you can completely believe that they are plausible as a couple, which is the way fanfiction should be.

Obviously they are never going to be canon, it is ostensibly a ‘children’s’ television show and it is all about the Doctor so they are never going to become reality, it’s just how it is. I find their age difference a little bit of conundrum but because of the ways of time travel ‘lovepb’ seems to let this slide a little by having them meet at a variety of times in River’s life time and it never becomes weird.

I like that they appeared to have natural friendship chemistry as the basis for their ‘relationship’. After all not everything revolves around the Doctor, no matter how much he might seem to want it to.


10. Veronica/Mac – Veronica Mars

This is one of those pairings where you sincerely wish ‘if only’ Veronica had found some sort of dating sense and gone for the one person from all her options who was worthy of her and her equal in most things, Bond should be with Q after all.

These two have the most realistic chemistry out of all of the characters… well Veronica and her Dad do too, but that is a very different kind of relationship whereby you are able to buy that the two of them are Father and Daughter, which is good because often it’s really hard to accept the parental/child pairings films/television try to foist off on the audience.

Veronica and Mac are Q and Bond, they respect each other, have contrasting but complimentary skills and character traits, along with a very real basis in character friendships all of which only gets better as the seasons progress and Mac is utilised more as a character.

Links her stories about these two are pretty awesome, some great banter and one liners.

11. Nancy/Kathy – Chalet School series – Elinor M. Brent-Dyer

I could see these two as a couple from the very first book I read from this series that had them directly interacting with each other. Initially I was shocked as I couldn’t see that Elinor M. Brent-Dyer would have been that progressive or accepting of such a relationship and if she was certainly not placing them as favoured characters within a girl’s school story setting.

From the way they interacted my modern mind just assumed that they were together, it certainly seemed like a reasonably natural conclusion to have reached. Of all the ‘special relationships’ between teachers it was these two that stood out as more involved with each other than any of the others, though I suppose that Hilda Annersley and Nell Wilson could be close contenders, but even they gave off a different vibe to me.

There is even a handful of fiction about them over on Archive of our own, which was a pleasant surprise to stumble across.


(Pictures predominantly taken from google search results, if I have used something that is yours without credit first of all I am very sorry, second of all let me know and I will certainly rectify that omission.)


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