Venice – Episode 6

Episode 6

This episode starts with Owen and Sami’s date… in the back of a jeep during what seems to be a sandstorm… shooting outside must be a real bugger sometimes. Also… the back of the jeep comment is seriously not what it might sound like, just a thought.

So there they are in the back of a jeep on what is essentially a blind date set up I believe by their respective aunts, and they are talking about bad blind dates that they have had in the past… I liked that one of Owen’s bad date recollections was about girl who constantly talked about herself in the third person, very strange.

I find Galen’s Owen an odd character; I can never decide whether or not I like him. I appreciate what the character brings to Gina’s character and that family dynamic but other than that I’m just not convinced of his purpose and I’m certainly not interested in his story at all. He’s also the one who has the most forced acting some of the time, not necessarily bad just…forced, as if he isn’t quite sure of his place in the grand scheme of things… which would be fitting because I don’t really know either.

The second scene is Owen and Gina going to the Colonel’s, I’d say home, but I think that place has long ceased to have that hold over either of them. I thoroughly dislike Owen throwing his empty beer can into the bushes of his father’s house, there is no reason other than laziness and I cannot say I am impressed.

I love the dichotomy and complete disparity in character of Guya and the Colonel; one is insane because he’s a homophobic judgemental bigot and the other is insane because of the whole New Age thing… I’ll leave it to you to work out which is which.

So, the lipstick that the Colonel hides, is it; a) His (not especially likely) or b) Guya’s (Actually I’m not going to go there, it makes my head hurt more than a little bit)? The ‘clues’ dropped by the Venice team lack subtlety in delivery yet they also don’t really reveal much of anything at this stage. See where that gets us, maybe it’s more of a long term thing.

I like that Guya continues to try to connect the siblings with their father, despite neither side really wanting to be reunited, she seems to be doing it more out of her dead sisters sake than anything else, of course that doesn’t make her desire or her actions any less real or admirable, just unlikely to be realised in a positive light.

It’s interesting that it is Gina who forces the issue about her being gay, she is the one to bring it up not the Colonel (does he have a name?) just as a way of causing a fight perhaps because in doing so it gives her a legitimate reason to walk away from a situation she didn’t want to be in anyway, it also gives Owen a reason to leave in support of Gina, thus cementing the ‘them’ against him theme. Does she do it to prove his negative and bigoted attitude because really the audience didn’t need that added confirmation, its obvious the role the Colonel has been placed in within the overall arch of the series.

This scene is another example of terrible camera work… this is also the only occurrence when I think terrible applies, it’s insanely jumpy and more than faintly distracting, it’s like someone with the DT’s is holding a handheld camera, not a good move. However, there is a bonus about this method, it makes the audience feel far more voyeuristic about looking in on this meeting of family members… actually I’m not sure being voyeuristic is necessarily a good thing, but it does manage to draw the audience into the scene a little more, kind of ironic seeing that the I think the camera work is a little shoddy in this instance, kudos to the crew regardless.


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