Venice – Episode 5

Episode 5

This episode opens with Gina and Owen in a ‘gym’ (for it is the littlest gym you ever did see), I really like the rapport between these two characters it’s obvious how supportive they are of each other and how they can rib each other with no undue effects.

Owen is a little narcissistic perhaps by exercising in front of a mirror… but to be honest that could have been simply due to space rather than necessarily being the characters choice… though equally probably not.

The set up for the siblings meeting up with Guya and their father is set up via the means of a rather terse phone call, the result of which I think indicates that perhaps, whilst being the eldest, Gina needs Owen as a support system more than vice versa, since it is Gina who insists that Owen accompany her to their father’s.

Then we get one of the best shot scenes so far (specifically from a camera and lighting perspective) between Gina and Traci on a date at the beach. I like that, unlike what we have seen of Ani so far, Traci seems to call Gina on her shit, which is then becomes quite revealing of Gina’s character to the audience. She’s seemingly very invested in her work, she’s uncommitted on a personal level with other people specifically those she dates… since she doesn’t date, more like party hard and shag.

I like the simplicity of this particular date, wine, grapes, beach, blanket…sour gummies; it is the little details which make it seem all the more real and less glossy and TV date-ish. I like how Gina manages to surprise Traci, who seemingly is testing Gina for compatibility or something, with the sour gummies whilst at the same time emphasising that she has paid attention to Traci’s likes and dislikes, I like the unconventionality of that.

This was the first time I had to look Lesli Kay up as I was wondering if she actually was a ‘London girl’. It turns out she is very much not, but her accent was pretty believable (take It from someone who is on that side of the pond), yes it had the odd quirk to it, but it turns out the character is an American who has spent around a decade there and therefore the language discrepancies actually seem realistic, at least in my opinion.

I really liked the last scene of this episode, not just because of the characters it was focusing on, but because it told the audience some quite specific things particularly about Gina’s character and that felt fitting in the grand scheme of things. It was well shot and well acted and disclosed actual information without displaying it as a ‘show bible’.


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