Venice – Episode 4

Episode 4

This episode starts off with a truly bizarre scene of Gina playing online poker, which I cannot fathom the reason for, barring getting to hear the amusing line; “Suck it little turtle” which is amusing whatever it might actually turn out to mean. The whole thing seems a little forced and more than faintly weird and what about the book from ‘Van’? Naturally it is some sort of ‘clue’ as it is most definitely focused on and offers no reference to anything that has yet happened.

We move on to a scene between Guya and The Colonel… though why Guya is at her sister’s husbands house I cannot say… at first, despite some obvious animosity, I thought that maybe the two of them had something going on… then that was kind of eliminated in episode 9, so I have come to the conclusion that maybe it was just a convenient setting to have them both in. (When Gina and Owen come by in episode 6 they certainly don’t seem overly surprised to find her there, again) Here Guya seems relatively normal, if somewhat hacked off at the Colonel, so does this make her ‘act’ in episode 2 mean anything more? As yet I am still hard pressed as to say why they even bothered with that episode. (This is still the case having watched up to and including episode 9). It is immediately obvious from her conversation with the Colonel that that she is on side with Gina and Owen, the Colonel is a clichéd bigot and homophobe to whom it is evident that his children can do nothing to please him.

One thing that confuses me that Guya mentions about Gina being the most talented designer in the country… now this could just be the pride of an Aunt and rightly so, in which case anything Gina does she will be the best at in her opinion, however, if she means it literally, then my response is simply… ‘huh?’ I have mentioned this point in my comments on episode 2 so I won’t rehash further about it.

The music in this scene between Guya and the Colonel (does the man actually have a name?) is also a tad cloying, it’s piano mood music to ram the argument home that Guya is lovely and understanding, the colonel a bigot and that they are having an argument… a little subtlety would not go amiss… again for the most part I think the choice of music is pretty awesome, I’m enjoying hearing from new artists, at least new to me, and generally the music is very well matched for the events on screen.

This episode ends with a scene between Gina and Traci, it would appear that Gina may well have met her match in ‘London girl’, not necessarily in compatibility but certainly in the not taking any guff stakes, I like how Traci doesn’t take any crap from Gina and is constantly challenging her and ultimately, whether or not they remain together, I think they are good for each other or at least, Traci is good for Gina, though it might be that this just isn’t the right time, Traci (as seen in the following episode) seems to be ahead of Gina on the learning curve or relationships. I’m certainly intrigued as to how this is going to play out.


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