Gillery’s Little Secret (2006)

Annabeth Gish, Julie Ann emery, Allison Smith.

GILLERY’S LITTLE SECRET is a female-driven examination of the depth that lies between love and friendship. Gillery Poiencot returns home for her 20th high school reunion. While there, she is confronted by a young girl seeking answers that she believes only Gillery can resolve. However, her journey to answer these questions forces her to confront a past love, uncovering a hidden secret only now forced into the light after eighteen years. Written by T.M. Scorzafava (from

Based on a short, web-published story by Ali Vali “Calumet”, Tina Scorzafava has successfully created a filmed version.

This short film (-ette) seems to be more like a long trailer for a movie than anything else, primarily because it leaves you wanting more…for the characters, explanation, plotline etc, which isn’t to say that I am complaining, rather that I think that that is often what a short film is for; to act as a precursor to the potential full-length version. (Incidentally, Liquid Film Works are attempting to get funding for the full-length version, but as yet have been unsuccessful).

Annabeth Gish, the one a lot of folk I know of dream about playing a lesbian role, if you don’t count her X-Files character agent Monica Reyes…which you really should, for she completely was, is finally in that role, as a calm, confident and collected lesbian from a small coastal town, who returns with her lover Abby (Julie Ann Emery), for her High School reunion having left for college twenty years ago (Which irritatingly makes her character 5 years older than herself, yes I spot stupid details like that and yes they bug me).

There is no great hoopla about coming out, that’s all long done with by the time we meet Gillery and Abby (and Bernadette (Allison Smith), Gillery’s old flame). Frankly the only thing ‘bad’, and I use ‘bad’ in the loosest term possible, about this short is that it is just that, short…okay, and that the title kind of sucks, let’s be honest here.

The cinematography, especially over the lake, is superb even more so for the film having a very minimal budget. The script can be a little contrived and repetitive, hammering home simple deductions such as that Gillery can not possibly be Blake’s ‘father’ with Bernadette, due to the lack of some basic equipment, I think we would all have been capable of reaching that conclusion ourselves. Any lesbian worth their salt know you can’t get your girl pregnant by yourself; sadly it takes money and more commitment than most blokes care for.

Abby and Gillery play as a very realistic, comfortable and relaxed couple, their onscreen chemistry is subtle yet highly nuanced and plausible. The same can be said between Gish and Smith, her old flame Bernadette, and it’s believable that these two were involved at some point; equally it is obvious that they currently are not.

8/10 – It’s hard to rate a short, that you really just want to be a full length feature film. It could be longer and have more complexity of plot and everything else that you would expect from a full length, but that kind of stigma when rating a film that’s a short is unfair, for generally those points are a given.


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