Jordana Brewster, Sara Foster, Holland Taylor, Devon Aoki, Meagan Goode etc.

Recruited by the U.S. government for their unique ability to lie, cheat and fight, Amy, Max, Janet and Dominique join an underground academy of secret agents known only as D.E.B.S. These crime fighting hotties set out to save the world and keep their lipstick perfectly applied while doing so. Now the girls must combine their skills for their most important mission- to capture vexing vixen Lucy Diamond, the deadliest criminal the world has ever known. When D.E.B.S. star player, Amy, falls for Lucy, chaos erupts and the D.E.B.S. loyalty is put to the test. (Imdb.com summary)

Think of all the clichés that surround women spies/crime fighters, add plaid clad school girls and you have the glorious wonder that is DEBS, the excellent feature length film (based on a short film which in turn was based on a comic strip by the writer/director) by out writer/director Angela Robinson. A classy film, with a bigger budget than can be anticipated for a film of this ilk and background, this is definately one to watch.

Amy is the poster girl for the DEBS spy academy, she’s their golden child, the perfect score on the SAT. (An assessment hidden within the regular SAT’s) However, she’s unsure as to whether or not being a spy is something she wants, maybe she’d rather be an artist? This indecision about her career also serves as a metaphor for her burgeoning sexuality and desire for Lucy Diamond, the arch-criminal mastermind, foil to the DEBS and the focus of Amy’s thesis. Whilst Amy, upon meeting Lucy, begins to question most aspects of her current life, Lucy has no such problems, she is who she is, and everyone else can pretty much lump it. Except she’s not exactly who everyone else thinks she is. The only thing she is sure of is that the life of crime is for her, and the only problem she has is with the dating scene, having seemingly been spurned previously.  So when the two accidentally meet during an Op for Amy (spying on Lucy Diamond) and a blind date for Lucy, it’s a case of opposites attract, or perhaps more ‘to be or not to be…arrested by a DEB’.

This film is not really a coming out story per se, though it does have that element for Amy versus the rest of the DEBS community, it’s more of a ‘be who you are, not what everyone else wants you to be’.

This film is a cheesy, laugh out loud, cliché ridden gem, displaying subtle commentaries on acceptance, individuality and peer pressure, whilst mocking the action/spy genre and the female.

I defy anyone, even the most conservative film connoisseur not to al least chuckle occasionally over this film.

8/10 – could have had a slightly stronger plot…though really, plot, schmott!


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I am a nerd for ALL seasons. Ravenclaw...natch. I am a genderqueer Librarian who unsurprisingly likes reading...a lot. But I also love being outside too...sometimes even reading at the same time. Also animals, any and all of them. Never yet met one that didn't get on with me and vice versa. I do a couple of different voluntary jobs (animal charity related), I am a Brownie Leader and have recently completed my MA.
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